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Alpha & Omega :These are the first and the last letters of the Greek Alphabet signifying that God is above all men , from the beginning of the world to the end. In keeping with the symbols Alpha and Omega, every Paulite should attribute the success he achieves from the beginning of his life to the end, to God – who is the Omniscient Teacher.

Sword : “Readiness To Fight” : As a soldier , a true Paulite will always be vigilant and ready to fight against evils and lay down his life for the glory and honour of his country.

Lotus : “Purity and serenity” : A Paulite will always have noble thoughts and will be pure, serene and righteous in words and deeds.

Lamp : “Dispels Darkness” : The knowledge a Paulite assimilates will help to eradicate all evil and he will endeavour to annihilate all anti-social activities that are detrimental to his own success and the prosperity of the country.

IN VERBO VERITATIS : Ín The Word is Truth” : If every Paulite firmly believes in the Word of God , follows his own conscience-truth, honesty and fraternity will prevail.

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