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The importance of computer application in the modern age of complexity can hardly be overemphasized. Computers have permeated every aspect of human life. Computer science has made an amazing and rapid development over the years. To be abreast and up to date with the rapid changes in technology the school has two updated AC computer labs, one for the secondary and senior secondary section and one for the primary section. The secondary/senior secondary computer lab has 22 core i3(all in one Lenova) computers while the junior lab has 20 P-iv computers with well furnished labs. All Lenova computers are networked to a printer and they are on Windows 7 environment with laser printer and projector. Some of the packages that are currently installed are C, C++, VB, Java, JavNetbeans, SQL, MS-Office, Adobe etc. Web browsers like Internet Explorer ,Chrome, Netscape and many spread-sheets, Databases management System, word processors, Presentation and Multimedia Graphics. The labs are equipped with a very fast broad band internet connection and Wi-Fi connectivity where by all the terminals are accessible and connected to the server using the facility of the network sharing.

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