Academic Strategies

Early Years Foundational Stage

Kindergarten is a German word, and it means "A Garden for Children". A stage, where a child takes its first step towards being cultured, mannered and ready to bloom. A stage when the initial moulding takes place. A stage when the child has a thousand questions to every-thing. A stage where the foundation is laid. A stage when all the ingredients and the treatment to the foundation matter a lot.

This is the time when the child's quest is to be handled and answered properly. No two chil-dren are alike. Every child is different from the other, and they need to be handled differently, just like a Gardener in the nursery.

For the last six decades, we have been providing a caring and compassionate environment for enhancing our students' learning process. Every necessary method is implemented to make the child learn with play and fun, be it recognizing the alphabets or counting the numbers. K.G is more like a home away from home. Our way of imparting knowledge is to balance the physical and mental health of the child. As the saying goes "A healthy mind lives in a healthy body".

Every child is to be nurtured. Play and activity is the best way to make them learn and under-stand things without any stress on their innocent unmolded minds. "Come, play, learn and go home with a smiling face" is our motto for the kindergarten.

Primary years Preparatory Stage

"I can hear the words flow, the wind blow, the water running and the sound of the thunder echo"

When I was growing, I never knew what I am looking at, is not what I should have been looking at. The world was opening to me and there were many ways to look at the world. "Which was the correct way?," remained a big question. A stage where there was dilemma and confusion.

A time, when I needed someone to hold my hand and show me the world.

Now comes the stage where you need a good mentor and a guide along with an environment of more clarity and vision. What best than a good teacher and the right and positive ap-proach? This is where the role of a good educational institute plays a vital role. This is where the second layer of foundation and base is laid.

We have all and we are more than equipped with our experience of more than 60 years to show the child the world he wants to see. To impart all the skill and knowledge and to help him take the right approach. To grow and blossom like a beautiful flower and spread his wings and fly like an eagle.

We help the child grow into an intelligent, smart and a wonderful human being. The social behavior, physical fitness, ability to converse and develop an interest towards education and show the world their ability to take up any given challenge is all what they learn under the guidance of their trained and qualified teachers and the right environment. Personal attention is given to every child to grow the way that fits their personality and aptitude. All this is needed to build a good character.

Secondary Years Middle Stage

"A stage when the awakening takes place and the tools are sharpened to carve the right sculp-ture".

I can walk, I can talk, I can run and I can see. But the picture is not so very clear of the world I foresee. I need the right tools and the sculptor who can teach me how to use my tools to carve a beautiful figure. This stage is the basis of the building of the future. At this given time I feel, I know everything, yet I remain perplexed. This time, I need someone who can show me, how to focus on something and drive me away from the distraction of the unwanted worldly charms. Someone who can help me concentrate and move ahead focused. Someone, who can read my mind and help me calm down as I fretter a lot, where I need to glitter like Gold. I need some-one to quench my thirst. I wish to find myself. St Paul's Sr. Sec. School is one place where we have been mentoring and tutoring students to accept the challenges, know themselves, and move on the right path with the right choices to shape up their future and build a strong foun-dation to stand firm. We help them clear their mind and focus on the things as per their aptitude and ability. A positive environment with the right curriculum as per the norms of CBSE and NCERT is judicially followed. Periodic tests and competitions are held throughout the aca-demic session to judge and access the individual capability of every child. Academics and ex-tracurricular activities go side by side to give the children an overall development.

"Give them the right tools and a clear vision and they can shape the entire World"

Secondary years High School

A right guidance is all that matters. The teachers guide you, the parents guide you and, above all your own acquired skills and your instincts guide you. But, all this is possible only when you pass through the litmus test at this stage, where your mind is calm and goals set.

St Paul's Sr. Sec. School provides you the right ambience. You can make a choice of your stream, Sci-ence or Commerce

The school is fully equipped with all the amenities and modern teaching aids and methods. A dedicated multi discipline faculty to help you shape up your final step in the commercial world of employment, jobs, career, business and self employment.

You can be a wizard! You can also say Eureka! You can really rock the world!

Remember! You are capable of doing anything and everything. You shall make your future worth living and set a milestone for the generations to come.